Born September 3rd 1951
Health Excellent
Lived in upstate NY as a grammer student, moved to Ridgefield Connecticut for Jr High. Then on the Eaglebrook in Massachusettes, The Hill in Pottstown, Trinity on 91st New York City, and attended and graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Economics, lots of Calculus, statistics, econometrics and physics.

Passed the Series 7 examination and became a stockbroker at Dean Witter Reynolds. Several other jobs since then including the DOJ.

Hobbies are Piano, writing (author Sync I Eternity, Amazon and Kindle, Pen name Corny Cornball)

Started ( 25 octodocillion pages available for copyright)

Founder (1000 questions and answers possible per client)

Owner (econometrics and arbitrage)

Chairman of the Board

Econplusminus Llc

Statement of Mission for Richno...

I want people to be able to talk to the computer and hear replies in voices of friends, dates to be, relatives , family, celebrities, and politicians.
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